email marketing

As a copy manager, it was my responsibility to shape the storytelling and emphasize the ways that Michaels helps you express creativity in any in any context. I did this by creating work and leading my team to create work that demonstrated how Michaels “makes creativity happen” with an on-trend product assortment, fun classes, and excellent promotions.


promotional campaigns

I worked with our design team, executives and merchants to shape ads across various product lines. Focused efforts to increase email engagement and customer interaction were accomplished through fun, engaging campaigns. 

Designers: Leigh Campbell & Andrea Younes

custom framing campaigns

In my time at Michaels, I have worked on several series to expand the market share for custom frames. Working with the design team and copy directing various writers, it was my responsibility to create engaging digital touch points for our customers, shaping campaigns that are relevant and make the tricky (and costly) business of ordering a custom frame look easy.