nice to (kind of) meet you

A copywriter at heart, I’m obsessed with telling stories. And what is a brand but a story you tell the world about who you are? With over 10 years of experience in marketing, I develop and execute the strategy that gives your brand a personality that customers will fall in love with (and keep coming back to). Simply put, I write and design stuff that sells stuff. Whether your stuff is a product or a lifestyle, or just an idea … let’s chat.

Here are my areas of expertise:

brand storytelling

The best branding tells a story. Prove that you believe what your customer believes, and you'll convert. With the right balance of customer insight, strategy and execution—and just a dash of magic—anything is possible.

marketing strategy

Good creative without a proper planning is pointless. That’s why I’ve developed roadmaps, led strategy sessions, and gotten my hands dirty executing campaigns for some of the biggest (and budding) B2C and B2B brands in the US and the UK.

copy and creative direction

The most important asset to a marketing organisation is their talent. I've lead teams of writers and designers, challenging, developing, and celebrating their skills for taking what’s in a creative brief and turning it into magic.