nice to (kind of) meet you

I’m a copywriter, design enthusiast, and I love creating branded content that drives engagement. Copywriting is a small term for a really big job. It’s more than arranging words on a page; it’s about developing the strategy that gives your brand a personality that customers will fall in love with (and keep coming back to). Simply put, I write stuff that sells stuff. Whether your stuff is a product or a lifestyle, or just an idea—I’m your girl.

Here are my areas of expertise:

brand storytelling

The best branding tells a story. Prove that you believe what your customer believes, and you'll convert. With the right balance of customer insight, strategy and execution—and just a dash of magic—anything is possible.

interaction copy

In the past year, I have directed and developed copy for Michaels UX and the Michaels app. This has included extending the brand personality for Michaels digital presence—like a new chat bot—and shaping copy for the Michael's app.

marketing strategy

The best writers know that connecting with customer goes beyond words on a page. I've built a career on creating connections between clients and their customers in many different ways. You can see this in a pop-up shop concept I created for a client, called POP.

concept and development

Good ideas can come from anywhere. That's why I've lead cross-channel teams to come up with and execute ideas that have resulted in some of the most successful campaigns of the year.

copy and creative direction

The most important asset to a marketing organization is their talent. I've lead teams of writers and designers, developing and building their skills for taking creative briefs to the next level.